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Our Music curriculum has regard for the wide range of musical ability of pupils entering the school and builds on this to develop their skills. Whilst at BHA, pupils are given opportunities to grow in confidence in this field. Listening and analysis helps pupils to develop their thinking skills, while performing and composing support pupils in the advancing of their musical talents.


Year 6

BBC Ten Pieces – Sibelius ‘Finlandia’

Through the study of a classical piece of music, pupils develop a greater understanding of the elements of music and the sound of the instruments of the orchestra. Pupil’s use this piece of music as a starting point for percussion performance and composition.

Voice Works & the Year 6 Production

Understanding the importance of warming-up and singing correctly, pupils develop their singing with greater confidence and control. Performing with Year 6 in a Christmas school production.

Rhythm and Pulse

Looking at the way in which rhythm is written down. Pupils perform a variety of rhythms and compose a short percussion piece.

Carnival of the Animals

Looking at music which depicts an image. Pupils learn about the way musical pitch is written down. Pupils develop their performing skills predominantly through keyboard skills. 


Year 7

African Music

Development of rhythmic performance through the study of African music. Singing is incorporated into these lessons.

From Scales to Tunes

Performing well-known scale based melodies, pupils develop their keyboard skills. Pupils learn about what is needed for successful melody writing. Pupils compose their own melodies. Homework gives pupils the opportunities to develop their understanding of musical notation.

Reggae Music

Exploring the sound of Jamaican reggae. Pupils learn to perform chord patterns on the ukulele and develop a group performance of a reggae song. Homework encourages pupils to make links between Jamaican reggae and modern music in a reggae style.


Building on from the melody writing in From Scales to Tunes, pupils explore ways to develop musical ideas. Homework provides pupils the chance to listen to a wide range of musical styles and pieces.


Exploring the sound of Indonesian music. Pupils learn to perform as an ensemble using mainly tuned percussion instruments. Pupils develop their own music in an Indonesian style. Pupils learn about the pentatonic scale.

Year 8

Compound Composition

The way in which 3/8 or 6/8 time signatures are used. Pupils compose their own melodies. The music software Sibelius is used to notate pupils work. Homework is used to develop pupils understanding of musical notation.

Heroes and Villains

Use of music in film to accompany a heroic or villainous character. Pupils study a variety of examples. Pupils give a performance of a film melody. Development of their own character and musical ideas for their character. Homework is based around extended writing that demonstrates pupil’s musical understanding.

Pop Song

A genre of music which has developed throughout the decades. Pupils develop their performance skills both working individually and within a group. Opportunities to develop their own pop song.

Extra-curricular work is regarded as an extension of work in the classroom giving many pupils the opportunity to further their musical interests through choral and instrumental work. The school supports a girl’s big band, boy’s band and vocal groups. Practice rooms can be booked for further practice at lunchtimes. Individuals and groups perform in assemblies, school concerts, productions and workshops and also in joint ventures with other schools.

At BHA we are able to bring together an Arts Showcase each term that demonstrates all of the Arts based achievements across the curriculum.

Each week peripatetic instrumental staff visit the school to teach brass, drums, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone and violin. Pupils interested in learning to play a musical instrument should speak to Mrs Pilling.


Pupils' work builds a picture of their skills and understanding over time, performance and composition projects are designed to give pupils the opportunity to apply all that they have learnt.